Process, interconnect and share your business data thanks to bespoke APIs.


Collect data with Mobapi
Collect all your business data

Thanks to Mobapi’s ready-to-use connectors, it will take you a few clicks only to retrieve your data from various sources. Connect your MySQL databases, your Google Sheets, your CSV file, your connected devices and even more…

A memory for your connected devices

Mobapi stores the data sent by your devices. We are SIGFOX certified and we are also able to process other IoT protocols.


Transform your data in real time

From the API Builder, selecting the data you want to process is as simple as drag and drop. Then personalize your data easily: change the date format, add or remove fields, make conversions…

Add intelligence to your data

With the Data Analyzer, you can add super-powers to your APIs: filter, sort, aggregate or group your data. You can enrich your endpoint and have an advanced flow ready to share. Thanks to our JSON visualization tools, you are even able to watch directly the transformations applied on your API.

Transform your data


Share your data with Mobapi
Live documentation

A complete documentation of your API is being written in real time. No need to spend hours writing it.

Secure your REST API

Your data is confidential? No worries, you can add a custom authentication layer to protect it.

Control the use of your data

Follow closely the consumption of your APIs from the Mobapi dashboards.

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