The development of the Mobapi solution began in 2013 in Cayenne. We had to find a robust and simple solution in order to manage the data extracted from websites.

Today the objective is to develop Mobapi into a data management platform, an essential building block within the information system of an organisation.

Our supporters

Région Guyane
Union Européenne
Alyse Guyane
Réseau Entreprendre Guyane
BPI France
Ministère de l'Outre-Mer
Chambre de Commerce de Guyane
Caisse des dépôts

Key stages

November 2013
Innovation Prize at the Créer et Innover (Create and Innovate) trade show
October 2014
Réseau Entreprendre Guyane award-winner
November 2014
VC Alyse Guyane joins Mobapi
September 2015
BPI France investment for the promotion of innovation